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25 April
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Hi all, I'm Landin! If you're curious about me and the various things I like, here's a list of all the things! :}

My fav Pokemon:
.Vulpix/Ninetales line(especially Alolan)
.(Pretty much all fox-ish Pokemon)
.Any of the equine Pokemon! Most recently I adore Mudbay the most right now, as donkeys are my spirit animal....along with the noble hedghog.
.And many more, but these are my tops!
.I also ADORE fan made Poke merch, pins, stickers, custom plush, I love 'em all, I could go poor buying all the goodies!

I also love romance novels! Here are my favorite authors:

.Lisa Kleypas
.Elizabeth Hoyt
.Pamela Clare
.Penny Reid
.Susan Elizabeth Phillips

TV shows!:

.The Office
.Always Sunny in Philadelphia
.Modern Family
.American Dad

That's it for now, if I think of more I'll add to this!

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